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Organization...See the difference!        

                                Before                                                     After
The unorganized basement.  The place where stuff hides.  Kids knock stuff over.  You see that pile growing down there and you are afraid of it.  Its bigger than you.  There's no good place to start.  So you avoid it.  Ignore it.  Then one day you find out that your mother in-law is coming to visit. Yup, give us a call.  You tell us what to keep.  We throw away, sell or donate the rest.  We do the work.

Walk-In Closet

Before                                                   After     

You should be able to walk into your walk-in closet.  
We will completely de-
clutter and organize it in just a few hours. 



                                  Before                                                    After

You have been found Guilty of a messy garage!  Luckily, Pretty Neat Organizers can bail you out.  The garage is the most commonly neglected area in your home.  What seems like an enormous task to you is just another day at the office for Jennifer and Jason.   

                                                          Laundry Room

                                   Before                                                    After

This laundry room is right next to the door from the garage to the kitchen,  So when everyone walks in that is where they drop all their "stuff."  Backpacks, clothes, toys, you name it.  Over time it looks like this.  We threw out some things, donated some things and Katie even found her missing doll. Now this room is organized and functional, Like a laundry room should be.

                                                      Business shop space


                                  Before                                                   After

There is nothing worse than searching for an hour to find that one tool you need and then find it where someone else left it.  An organized shop is an efficient shop.  Everyone knows efficiency is a key component to profitability.
Note:  We threw out very little at this job.  We simply reorganized and put everything in it's proper place to make this shop more efficient. 


                                            Before                                                   After

This shed was a mess.  We organized it.  Mission Accomplished.

Professional Organizing

It's just a matter of finding a place for everything

Pretty Neat Organizers serves the
Appleton, Green Bay and Oshkosh areas

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